2020, 16mm on 2K video, 11 min

As the US ramps up border enforcement during summer 2019, a formerly undocumented activist prepares for her naturalization test with her filmmaker-partner. In impressionistic scenes that span North Carolina and the Arizona borderlands, jingoistic displays of patriotism and creative acts of revolt, the film playfully interrogates the paradoxes of citizenship.
Harkat 16mm Film Festival, Mumbai, India, 2020
Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, Johnson City, NY, 2020
Engauge Experimental Film Festival, Seattle, WA, 2020
Moviate Underground Film Festival, Harrisburg, PA, 2020
Mimesis Documentary Festival, Boulder, CO, 2020, Jury Award Finalist
Single Frame, Durham, NC, 2020 (postponed)
OVER & OUT, Experimental Response Cinema, Austin, TX, 2020